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How to Setup an EasyPoll Discord Bot

Discord is one of the most popular online gaming communities. It hosts a ton of active users who communicate with group messaging servers created for virtually any topic. As Discord has widened its span of users, new Discord bots have become more frequent. These artificial intelligence tools work to serve tasks and add functions to a server.

There are plenty of helpful and popular bots on Discord, such as Toll Bot, Probot, Rhythm Bot, Carl Bot, Groovy Bot, Dyno Bot, OwO Bot, or Mee6 Bot, which you can use to self assign roles automatically. Some of these bots can be found on the Discord app and Discord browser, and others you can integrate with your channel online.

If you have never used or heard of Discord bots before, they might sound hard to use. While some of them are more complicated, Poll Bot is not. Let’s go through how to use Poll Bot on Discord.

How to Use Poll Bot on Discord

Poll Bot is one of Discord’s most reliable and frequently used polling bots, with a server count of 131,000. Its tools make it simple to gather server-related feedback in real-time. Poll Bot is for creating polls using reaction, multi-reaction, and Strawpolls. Whether using the Discord app or Discord browser, using Poll Bot is easy and only takes a few minutes to understand.

If you have not yet, you can go to or to create your account first. Make sure to create a dedicated channel for your Discord bot. Navigate to Top.GG. You can use Top.GG to find all the latest bots, helpful information, and comments shared by other Discord online users.

In the search bar, enter “Poll Bot.” Click the Invite button. A box will appear to sign in to Discord and select the server you want to add. There are various different Poll Bots to choose from, with EasyPoll being the most well-known. As the name suggests, it allows you to easily create polls in your server. You can easily head to Easypoll.Bot and invite the bot to your server.

Next, open your Discord browser and select the server where your bot was authorized. Choose a channel to enter your poll. If you like, you can create a new channel just for your polls. Choose a channel to enter your poll. If you like, you can also create a new channel just for your polls.

You can do this by starting a channel with a name such as “Poll-Channel,” and adjusting the settings so that only you can make polls and leave replies, but others can still vote on making polls. 

Select Permissions and tag “@everyone” in the box below Roles/Members. Select “Yes” only to “Read Messages” and “Add Reactions.” This way, your polls will be easy for everyone to find and will not get buried by other comments. 

However, there are different forms of poll you can select on your Discord server – from a multi reaction poll to a simple yes/no poll question, which can be the best thing for the average person.

What is EasyPoll Discord Bot?

EasyPoll is a Discord bot dedicated for polls around your server for your community. With easypoll discord bot, a Discord Poll Bot, you can easily create polls and your members can vote by clicking on a reaction. If you want to use EasyPoll on your server, you can invite it via the following link:

Usage & Commands

Usage & Commands
/pollCreate a normal poll without time limit and with up to 20 own answers
/timepollCreate a timed poll, set an end date until when the poll will run. Use time specifications for this like 10m / 3h / 1d
/closepollClose a poll so that no more votes are counted and display the final result
/easypollGet a list and help with all commands
/voteVote for the EasyPoll Bot
/inviteInvite EasyPoll to your own Discord Server
/infoShow some information about EasyPoll
/pingSee the Ping of the Bot to the Discord Gateway
/setup languageChange the Bot language of the current Guild
/setup permissionsCheck the required bot permissions on server and channel level

How to set up EasyPoll?

Here are the few steps on setting up EasyPoll on your Discord server.

Step 1. Visit the official website

easypoll discord bot

You can visit the official website of EasyPoll by visiting this easypoll website or you can look it up on any search engines.

Step 2. Add to server

Click on “Add to Server” to invite your bot in the server

Step 3. Select your server

Select the server that you want the bot in then press “Continue”.

Step 4. Authorize the Bot

easypoll discord bot

After selecting your server, you will be asked to give the bot permissions. You can skip changing these parts because you can change them later. Scroll down and click on “Authorize” 

Step 5. Finish the Captcha challenge

You will be then prompted a captcha challenge. You have to put a check on the box to prove that you’re not a robot

Step 6. Congratulations you have invited the bot

You will then be redirected back to the website. You will see a congratulatory message that you have successfully invited the bot and you can start using the bot.

How to use EasyPoll Discord Poll Bot

As the name stated, Easypoll is a Discord bot that makes polls and votings easy. There are only a few steps to start your first poll in your server.

Step 1. Go to your server

easypoll discord bot

You have to enter the server that has the EasyPoll bot or the server that you invited the bot on. For this instance, I invited the bot on my Discord server “Chronos Guild”

Step 2. Select the channel

You have to select a channel in which you want to run the poll on.

(Note: You have to give permissions to EasyPoll bot to access that specific channel)

Step 3. Use the command /poll

easypoll discord bot

You need to use the command /poll to start your very first poll. You will also be prompted other commands but let’s focus on /poll command right now.

Step 4. What’s your Question?

After selecting the command /poll, you will be asked what question do you wanna have the voting or poll for. The question is required and you will be prompted options. 

Step 5. Select your option

easypoll discord bot

After typing in your question, the default answers are Yes or No with the emoji thumbs up and thumbs down. If you select options answer1, answer2, answer3, etc. This will be the ones replacing the answers Yes/No.

There you go! You have set up the bot and ran your first poll on your Discord server!


EasyPoll is a great way to communicate with your community or server. This gives chance to your community to voice out their opinions by voting. This can also help you automate your Discord by running polls that you don’t need to check every now and then. This gives you more time to do other tasks within the server. It is also easy to use and easy to install. Every now and then that you need to create polls in your server, invite a poll bot!


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