Tips for Finding the Perfect Internship

Internships provide invaluable experiences and opportunities to prepare for a career. Finding the perfect internship that fits your interests, skillsets, and goals can seem overwhelming. That is why we have put together this guide to help you find the ideal internship and make the most of it. These tips for finding the perfect internships will cover the key points to consider when searching for an internship and provide helpful advice to ensure you find the right one.

Do Your Research

Doing your research is essential when looking for the perfect internship. Start by identifying companies aligning with your career goals and list potential internships you want to pursue. Research their company culture, values, mission statement, and any potential supervisors or contacts who can provide more information about the opportunity. Be sure to read reviews from past or current interns to gain insight into the overall experience. This can help you determine if this suits you and your professional growth well. Take advantage of any informational interviews or networking events held by the company you are interested in interning with to make a lasting impression.

Set Your Goals

When it comes to finding the perfect internship, setting goals is key. Think about what you want to accomplish and set benchmarks for yourself throughout your search process. Ask these questions yourself before finding any internship “What type of experience do I want?”, “what skills do I need to acquire?” and “What industry am I interested in?” Working towards these goals will help you track your progress and stay on target. If you need any advice, contact experienced professionals who can provide guidance. Establishing objectives and following through with them is a surefire way to land the perfect internship opportunity.

Develop a Plan of Action

When starting the internship search, developing a plan of action can make the process easier. Do you want to gain experience in a specific industry or job role? Is there a particular company that interests you? Would working remotely be ideal for your current lifestyle? Next, develop a list of potential employers and research each one thoroughly.

Networking and Connections

Networking and connections are essential when searching for the right internship. Reach out to your contacts in the industry, such as family members, friends or professors who may know of some potential opportunities. Conduct informational interviews with them to learn more about the work and requirements in a field that interests you. Use social media platforms such as LinkedIn and join relevant alum groups or professional organizations to increase your chances of finding an internship that works for you.

Utilize Online Resources

Utilize online resources such as job boards, internship databases, and school websites to help you find the perfect internship. Using these resources can make learning about available internships and their respective requirements easier for those new to the process. Many of these websites also provide a filtering system allowing you to narrow your search based on factors such as industry, type of internship, and location. Job boards often will enable you to upload your resume so employers can see it when searching for candidates. Utilizing online resources is a great way to stay organized during your internship search.

Make Use of Career Services Offices

Taking advantage of the career services offices offered by your school can be a great way to find the perfect internship. These offices are staffed with experienced professionals who understand the hiring process and what employers look for in potential interns. They can provide advice on how to make your resume stand out and offer tips on networking and interviewing techniques. Many of these offices have databases of potential internships with employers in all industries that you can search through to find the right fit for your skills and interests.

Get the Most Out of Job Fairs and Interviews

Before attending an event, take some time to research the companies you are interested in—including their culture, products, services, target audiences and more. This will help ensure that you can present yourself as someone well-informed and passionate about the company. Practice your interview techniques before the event and have a few questions prepared for the interviewer. Network with other professionals at the job fair and leave a good impression by following up with an email or thank-you note. These steps help you get the most out of any job fair or interview.

Craft an Eye-catching Resume and Cover Letter

Having the right resume and cover letter is essential when applying for internships. Your resume should highlight your skills, experiences, qualifications, and any achievements that make you stand out from the competition. A good cover letter is a chance to showcase your communication and writing skills and add some to your personality. Make sure to customize each application, addressing the organization’s specific needs. Proofread everything you submit! Typos or grammatical errors could be a better look when applying for professional positions.

Network Local Professional Industry Groups

Networking with local professional industry groups can be invaluable for finding the perfect internship. By connecting and engaging with professionals in a specific field, you can learn more about the industry and identify internship opportunities that may need more widely advertised. Local professional industry groups are also great resources for finding career mentors who can provide guidance and advice on your chosen field. These groups often host events or workshops to help you with your job search process.

Follow Up After Each Interaction to Maintain Visibility

Following up after each interaction with the company you are interested in interning with is important. Doing this helps you stay top of mind with whoever you speak to and gives them an idea that you are serious about wanting the internship. Following up also allows you to provide additional information they may need or ask for. Sending thank-you notes after each meeting or interview is also a great way to maintain visibility and demonstrate your enthusiasm. Doing this shows employers that you are organized, polite, and professional, all great qualities for an intern.


Finding the perfect internship can be daunting, but with the right advice and resources, it can become a rewarding experience. A great internship provides invaluable real-world experience, potential career paths, and valuable contacts. Understanding your skills and interests, conducting research, and networking will lead to success. By following these tips and utilizing the many resources available, you can be confident in finding an internship that will allow you to start a successful career.

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