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How to Make Shortened URLs for Business Using TinyURL

Tired of having long, complicated URLs that keep leading potential customers away from finding your business TinyURL, you can create user-friendly shortened URLs for people to access the website and become familiar with the company. Instead of dealing with cluttered, difficult addresses, discover how this popular service can help simplify life and make it more organized while boosting customer relationships.

Understand Shortened URL

In today’s fast-paced digital world, where the audience’s attention span limitations, using shortened URLs has become popular for businesses. A shortened URL is a condensed form of a web address, making it easier to share and remember. They are especially useful on platforms like Twitter, where the character count limits. By using a shortened URL, businesses can also track clicks and traffic, assisting them in measuring the effectiveness of their marketing campaigns. It adds professionalism and branding, making the company’s web address more concise and memorable. Overall, using shortened URLs is necessary for businesses to optimize their online presence and reach a larger audience.

Create a TinyURL Account

We share links with family, friends, and colleagues in our fast-paced world. Send a connection that will cooperate or is shorter. Luckily, TinyURL has come to our rescue. With a micro-URL account, sharing links is now a breeze. Creating a small URL account takes just a simple step, and once you are all set up, you can start forming short, custom links for all your digital needs. No more unwieldy links to worry about – just concise and easy-to-remember TinyURLs. Join the millions of users who have discovered the convenience of small URL and start creating your account today!


Get Familiar with Dashboard

It will allow you to fully utilize all the incredible tools and features, making your experience more efficient and effective. It is always beneficial to take extra time to learn about the new platform you are working with. In no time, you will be impressing yourself and those around you with your newfound proficiency in the dashboard and its amazing capabilities.

Create a New Shortened URL

In today’s digital age, having a customized and personalized online presence is essential. A shortened URL is a perfect way to leave a strong first impression and make your website or social media profile easily accessible. With your custom domain, you can create a unique and memorable URL that reflects your brand or personal style. Imagine having a sleek and concise link, like “” or “”, that directs your audience directly to your online platform. Creating a new shortened URL with your custom domain is aesthetically pleasing and helps establish your online identity and credibility.

Monitor Click Stats

If you are serious about tracking your click stats on TinyURL, you are already one step ahead of the game. Monitoring your clicks is essential to understanding how your links are performing and helping make informed decisions about your online content. Whether you are using small URL to share your latest blog post or promote a new product, keeping an eye on your click stats can give a better sense of your audience and how they interact with your links. So do not let your clicks got untracked – start monitoring your stats today and take your online presence to the next level!

Use Link

In today’s digital world, businesses must ensure their marketing efforts are easily accessible and shareable. Adding links to emails, social media posts, and other marketing materials is one way to achieve this. Including links to websites or landing pages in these communications make it easier for potential customers. They find and engage with your brand. Additionally, including shareable links allows your existing customers to spread the word for their networks. With just a click or two, links can help increase website traffic and drive more sales. So, start incorporating links in your marketing materials today and watch as your online presence grows.


Understanding the importance of shortened URLs and how to use them is a great step for any business. Not only does it create attractive, concise links that can easily track and monitor, but it also offers a professional branding opportunity. Adding custom domains lets you connect your business with each link you create. Plus, TinyURL dashboard provides an effortless way to keep track of your click stats and manage your URLs in one spot. Smart URL navigation should be part of any digital marketing plan, and utilizing a service like TinyURL makes this more achievable than ever before.

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