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How Digital Assistants Can Improve Workplace Productivity

Digital assistants are becoming increasingly popular in the workplace as they can improve productivity and efficiency. They can be used to manage email, schedule meetings, and keep track of deadlines. Digital assistants can also be useful to book travel, make expense reports, and keeping track of to-do lists.

Digital assistant is not a new concept, but it is becoming more sophisticated and can oversee more complex tasks. The use of digital assistants in the workplace is likely to increase as they become more advanced and can take on more responsibility.

This read will explore how digital assistants can improve workplace productivity and how they can be used to benefit businesses.

Managing Email:

Digital assistants like Google Assistant and Microsoft Cortana can help users manage their inboxes more efficiently. Providing timely notifications on important emails, reminders about upcoming meetings, and even proactive suggestions on what to do next. For instance, if you are working on a project with a colleague. Your digital assistant might automatically send out a reminder when it’s time for an update or meeting. Furthumore, if you have not responded within a certain period, your assistant will reach out again via email or SMS text message until you respond. This ensures that nothing falls through the cracks when it comes to work-related communications. Something which can be especially beneficial in the case of remote teams. Members may not always be able to reach each other over the phone or via video conference call.

Scheduling Meetings:

Meetings are an important part of business processes. They allow for collaboration between team members, sharing ideas, and brainstorming new strategies for growth. Meetings also allow managers to provide feedback on employee performance and give them updates on their responsibilities. Digital assistants can help with scheduling these meetings by sending out reminders to employees and setting up conference calls via phone or video conferencing software. Digital assistants can also help with finding available meeting rooms or scheduling multiple meetings at one time if needed. This allows employees to stay focused on their tasks while still being able to attend meetings when necessary.

Keeping Track of Deadlines:

Digital assistants can set alarms for upcoming deadlines or meetings that have been scheduled. This allows employees to stay on top of their workload by not having to worry about missing an important deadline or meeting. Employees will also have less stress knowing that their digital assistant is keeping track of all their upcoming tasks and appointments.

Booking Travel:

Digital assistants can help automate the booking process by allowing users to search for flights and hotels by entering information such as departure city and destination. The assistant then finds flights that match the user’s requirements and provides them with options such as price range, departure time and duration of the flight. Users can select a flight that meets their needs or continue searching for other flights using the assistant’s recommendations. The assistant will also tell users about delays or cancellations, so they don’t miss their flights.

Managing Expenses and Invoices:

One of the most common ways that digital assistant is useful in the workplace is for managing expenses and invoices. These include tools like Expensify, which lets you scan receipts from your phone or tablet using your camera or barcode reader. You can also upload photos of business-related expenses or receipts from other sources, such as Dropbox or Google Drive folders.

Digital assistants also allow you to get rid of paper receipts by storing them electronically. Information is readily always available when needed. This makes it easier for managers to approve expense reports by approving them electronically. Rather than printing out paper versions that need signing before returning them to employees.

Keeping Track of To-Do Lists:

Employees can use Cortana and Siri to keep track of their to-do lists. This can help them make sure that they have completed all their work on time. It faciliates in not forget any important tasks or events. A digital assistant will also remind you when it is time for a meeting or when you need to submit an expense report so that you do not forget about it. By using a digital assistant like this, employees will no longer have to rely on paper or physical reminders because everything is now stored in the cloud. This means that employees will no longer need to waste time looking for physical notes or worrying about losing essential information.


Digital assistants are a terrific way to improve workplace productivity. Furthermore, it is beneficial to manage email, schedule meetings, and keep track of deadlines. Digital assistants can also be used to book travel, make expense reports, and keep track of to-do lists. Although this is not a new concept nevertheless it is becoming more sophisticated and can manage more complex tasks. 

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