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SEO Tools Every Small Business Should Be Using in 2023

SEO is more important than ever for small businesses looking to increase traffic and revenue in 2023. In this blog post, we will discuss the top SEO tools you need to use to get the most out of your SEO efforts. These tools are essential for any business looking to improve its website’s ranking on search engines and generate more leads and sales.


Semrush is a comprehensive SEO tool millions of businesses worldwide use to improve their website rankings. It gives you deep insights into your competition, enabling you to discover what keywords and strategies they are using and how your site compares in terms of organic traffic.


Ahrefs is another comprehensive SEO tool businesses use to drive more organic traffic and leads. It allows you to analyze your competitors’ link-building strategies, track keyword rankings, and discover new opportunities through their Keyword Explorer Tool.

Google Search Console

Google Search Console is a free tool from Google that provides data and insights on your website’s performance. It allows you to monitor your website’s rankings, view key analytics, troubleshoot technical issues, and more. If you want to improve the SEO of your website, then make sure to use this tool.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a powerful tool that provides detailed insights into your website’s performance. It allows you to track user engagement, monitor traffic sources, and learn more about how users interact with your site. This data can use to improve the SEO of your website and increase its visibility on search engines.

Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO is a WordPress plugin that makes it easy to optimize your website for search engine visibility. It allows you to easily add meta tags, title tags, and other essential elements of optimization, as well as automatically generate XML sitemaps for improved crawling. 


SpyFu is an SEO tool that allows you to track your competitor’s organic rankings and uncover new keyword opportunities. It also provides data on how money they are spending on their PPC campaigns and any ads they are running. That information can use to get an edge over your competition and increase your website’s visibility. 


HubSpot is a comprehensive marketing platform that integrates SEO, content marketing, and other online marketing strategies. It provides powerful tools for tracking organic traffic, measuring website performance, and researching keywords. It is an excellent tool for small businesses looking to boost their SEO efforts.


Mangools is an all-in-one SEO suite that provides tools to help businesses optimize their website for search engines. It includes keyword research, rank tracking, backlink analysis, and more. With Mangools, small business owners can quickly identify new opportunities to gain experience their organic reach and improve their rankings.

SEO Tools Every Small Business Should Be Using in 2023

Majestic SEO

Majestic SEO is another comprehensive SEO suite that provides tools for small businesses. It offers advanced keyword research and analysis, robust backlink analysis, content analytics, and more. Majestic SEO is a great tool to help companies to track their performance and make informed decisions about their SEO strategy.


GTmetrix is a popular website performance testing tool that helps businesses identify and fix any issues impacting the speed of their websites. It also provides detailed reports outlining how to improve your website’s loading times, which can directly impact SEO. Read about must try Social Media Marketing tips for startups.

Google Trends

Google Trends is an excellent tool for understanding current and future trends in terms of search engine optimization. It will help you to identify what keywords are trending and what topics have the most potential for SEO success.

Rank Math Plugin

Rank Math is a popular WordPress plugin designed to make it easier for small businesses to manage their SEO. It is easy to install and has automatic keyword optimization, SEO analysis, and content optimization. It is an excellent tool for any small business looking to increase its website’s visibility on search engines.


Merkle is a powerful SEO tool that helps you optimize your website for search engine algorithms. It provides detailed analytics and insights into how users interact with your content, helping you make intelligent decisions about what needs to change or improve. Additionally, Merkle offers keyword research and competitive analysis tools to help you identify the best keywords for your website.

Google Mobile-Friendly Test

It is essential for all small businesses looking to optimize their websites. The Google Mobile-Friendly Test will allow you to see how optimized your website is for mobile devices and desktop screens. Your website must work correctly across all platforms as more people use their phones and tablets to search the web.


SimilarWeb is a powerful SEO tool that allows you to track and analyze the performance of your website in comparison to your competitors. This tool will provide insights into how well your website performs and what areas need improvement. It is also an excellent resource for uncovering your competitors’ strategies to gain an edge over you. With this tool, you can measure website traffic, view keyword rankings, and track backlinks.


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